Single Serving Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie (Egg Free)

Single Serving Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie

This egg free Single Serving Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie is a soft, cake-like cookie that you aren’t required to share. And let’s face it – who would actually want to share their cookie? If you were to ask me what my favorite cookie is, I would immediately reply chocolate chip cookie. That is, if you […]

S’mores Spritz Sandwich Cookies

S'mores Spritz Sandwich Cookies

S’mores Spritz Sandwich Cookies are pretty little pressed cookies that taste almost exactly like graham crackers then sandwiched together with marshmallow and chocolate. Despite all of the differences and chaos going on in the world – racism, sexism, war, political agendas, etc. – every human being has at least two things in common – we […]

Chocolate-Dipped Orange Shortbread Cookies + $100 Giveaway

Chocolate-Dipped Orange Shortbread Cookies with tea

As always, thank you for reading and supporting brands I work with, which allows me to bring you more recipes. All opinions, text, and photographs are my own. Melt-in-your-mouth Chocolate-Dipped Orange Shortbread Cookies served with tea will instantly transport you to England and make you feel like royalty. Is there a word that describes being […]

S’mores Cookie Crumb Bars

S'mores Cookie Crumb Bars

S’mores Cookie Crumb Bars turns the traditional s’mores into an irresistable dessert by replacing the graham crackers with two cookie layers while still sandwiching marshmallows and chocolate in the middle. Do you ever get tired of me talking about the same things over and over again? Like my love for s’mores – it’s always toasted […]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownie Bites

Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownie Bites

Can’t decide between chocolate chip cookies and brownies? Now you can have both with these Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownie Bites! They may be tiny in size, but they are big in flavor. At any given moment, I have a million ideas going through my head. I’m constantly writing them down, usually on scrap paper, then […]