The Moose Behind The Blog

Welcome! I’m Carla.

Are you looking to satisfy your sweet tooth? Or perhaps you need something quick and easy to make for dinner without sacrificing flavor? Whether you’re making cookies and cupcakes for friends or need dinner just for two, you’ve come to the right place.

I am obsessed with recipes, which all started when I was a little girl. I would go through my mom’s magazines and rip out the recipes to save in my huge binder (that I STILL have today). I still remember my first “collection” being a round-up of brownies. Now I have an (almost) unhealthy habit of buying cookbooks and saving recipes online.

Chocolate Moosey was born because I wanted to share both sweet and savory recipes that are approachable without sacrificing flavor. Most of my cooking and baking are made from scratch (although I do use a few cheaters such as puff pastry and frozen vegetables). A lot of my experience and knowledge comes from reading and making; no formal training here.

I grew up in the Pittsburgh area and visit family quite often, but right now I’m living in south central PA as I work full-time.

If you represent a business looking for original recipe development and/or mouthwatering photography, please read about how we can work together.

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How Chocolate Moosey Was Born

Truth? Chocolate Moosey as a whole has been around since early 2000s. I started it in high school as a personal journal but later abandoned it when I went off to college. When I studied abroad in 2007 in Ireland, I got super homesick during my last month. I’ve been browsing food blogs like crazy, so I decided to start one myself. I was still in love with the name Chocolate Moosey, so I kept it and started anew.

So how did I come up with the name? Because of this guy (shown above). I sold cookies as a Girl Scout. When you reached certain goals, you got a prize. I rarely got prizes, so this guy was special. The decision was final when I was distracted in chemistry class and started drawing moose on my paper.

Disclosures and Disclaimers

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