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Welcome! I’m Carla.

In this little corner of the Internet I share my baking and cooking recipes with you to make and enjoy at home. My kitchen knowledge and expertise comes from over 10 years of baking and cooking after taking a few cooking classes and am constantly researching ways to expand and improve my skills. All recipes are developed and tested multiple times to ensure you can recreate them at home successfully without any doubt. After I’m satisfied with the recipe, I then style, shoot, and write the recipes for you to enjoy. Everything you see on this blog is done by me every step of the way (unless otherwise noted).

I am not a parent nor in a relationship, yet I still needed to find a way to eat without wasting food. Currently I live in Pittsburgh where I was born and raised (although I lived outside of the city for a few years). When I’m not in the kitchen, I love to travel with my camera, whether it’s on an adventure or just locally around Pittsburgh. You can check out those photos on my Instagram account.

Yes, I blog more than just about dessert.

Although my blog name may suggest otherwise (hello, chocolate!), I do blog a good bit about savory recipes. After all, you need to balance the sweet with the savory (as much as I’d love to pretend a skillet cookie is dinner). The name came from a stuffed moose I had received as a prize for selling Girl Scout cookies many years ago. He still sits in my bedroom to this day. Although I’ve debated on renaming to better reflect my point of view, there is a lot of history behind the name.

What is real-life homemade baking and cooking?

Real-life homemade cooking is when you walk through the door after a long 8-hour day of work and need to figure out what to make for dinner that doesn’t take all night. Although now I work from home, I still keep office hours and don’t start dinner until work is done for the day. The only difference is I don’t have to sit in traffic on the commute home. The recipes I make are mostly from scratch, but I do use a few helpful ingredients to make the process easier, such as puff pastry, BBQ sauce, and hummus.

When I first started Chocolate Moosey back in 2007, I went through an ambitious made from scratch phrase. I even made my own ketchup and mustard and tortillas. As I grew older and got my first big girl job, my cooking shifted to figuring out how to make dinner in under 60 minutes, especially if I was on my feet for 8 hours from a video shoot. Although my cooking has evolved over the years, you still won’t find any convenience foods like boxed macaroni and cheese or canned soup. My desserts have also shifted to real-life homemade baking, but again I don’t use convenience ingredients such as cake mix or pre-made cookie dough.

You may notice another theme to my recipes. Most of my dinner recipes make 2-4 servings, leaving you with no or minimal leftovers (which are excellent for lunch the next day). Instead of quarts of ice cream and a 13×9 pan of brownies, I make pints and an 8×8 pan of brownies. Instead of three layer cakes, I’ll cut them down to two (hey you still need a dessert or two for parties). Sometimes I’ll even throw in single serving or just for two recipes.

Disclosures and Disclaimers

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