Greek Portobello Mushroom Burgers

Greek Portobello Mushroom Burgers complete with a Greek salsa and a spicy peperoncini feta spread will bring a little Mediterranean to your kitchen.

Greek Portobello Mushroom Burgers with Greek salsa

I don’t think I could live in a world without mushrooms. I’d say it’s one of my favorite vegetables, but actually it’s a fungus. So I’ll say it’s my favorite non-meat ingredient because it sounds better. I tend to throw mushrooms into everything I cook – pasta, fajitas, tacos, pizza, soup, stews. However, mushrooms have always been the sidekick, never the star. This past June I attended a conference where we had a multi-course lunch featuring mushrooms as the hero or co-star. Mushroom tacos, turkey mushroom burgers, lamb and mushroom corn dogs (!), even mushroom cheesesteaks. Ever since that weekend, I kept envisioning these Greek Portobello Mushroom Burgers. Meaty portobello mushroom caps topped with a Greek salsa. The question then became – when to make and share them? Mezzetta asked me to team up with them about sharing a killer sandwich in honor of their $25,000 Make That Sandwich Contest. Once they sent me a few Mediterranean-inspired products, I knew these Greek mushroom burgers had to happen (and quickly!).

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Peach Cobbler For Two

Peach Cobbler For Two is the perfect summertime dessert to share (or not). Warm, bubbly peaches topped with tender dough and ice cream.

Peach Cobbler For Two with fresh peaches

Summer wouldn’t be complete without some sort of bubbly fruit dessert. In fact, I spent more time than necessary trying to figure out the difference between a crisp, a cobbler, a crumble, a buckle, a pandowdy, a grunt, the list goes on. Why are there so many names for baked fruit in a dish anyway? After staring at my bowl of peaches I got from the farm, I knew I had to make a Peach Cobbler but didn’t want a ton of leftovers. Making small-scale desserts is starting to become my specialty, and this Peach Cobbler For Two is another one to add to the list. Warm, bubbly peaches. Tender dough on top. Cold yet slightly melted ice cream. Can you taste that? It’s the taste of summer as August is starting to wind down.

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Peach Caramel Sauce

Peach Caramel Sauce

Peach Caramel Sauce turns peaches into one delicious, sweet sauce with a hint of cinnamon and sea salt. Living in my new apartment is definitely the opposite of my last place. For starters, I didn't have neighbors right next door. The houses … [Continue reading]

Tiramisu Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies

Tiramisu Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies made with homemade ladyfinger cookies and tiramisu gelato

Tiramisu Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies with tiramisu gelato sandwiched between two round ladyfinger cookies. The perfect pick-me-up treat to cool you down on a hot day. What do tiramisu, gelato, and me have in common? We are all Italian. Tiramisu … [Continue reading]

First Annual Chocolate Moosey Reader Survey

First Annual Chocolate Moosey Reader Survey

Today's post is both recipe-less and photo-less. Yes, I know you are disappointed, but I need your help! In my seven years of blogging, I don't think I've ever done a reader survey, so I bring to you the First Annual Chocolate Moosey Reader Survey! I … [Continue reading]

Peaches And Cream Ice Cream (No Cook, Egg Free)

Peaches And Cream Ice Cream that is no cook and egg free

Turn your summer bounty of peaches into Peaches And Cream Ice Cream using only your blender and freezer. No need to cook and egg free! Week three of living back in Pittsburgh, and I think I'm finally getting settled in. Half of my boxes are … [Continue reading]