Cherry Pie For Two

Do not let summer pass you by without baking fresh cherry pie! I scaled it down with this double crusted Cherry Pie For Two recipe with homemade pie crust and homemade cherry pie filling.

Cherry Pie For Two with homemade cherry pie filling and homemade pie dough

Every summer I say I’m going to go cherry picking. Every summer I miss it because the window is so small, if you’re busy the week they are ripe, you miss it. Last summer I was moving back to Pittsburgh so I missed it. The year before that I was in Erie and Cleveland and missed it. The year before that, I picked cherries but my dad couldn’t be there. This year cherry picking season was earlier than usual, and if it wasn’t for my dad checking out the farm’s Facebook page, I probably would’ve missed it again. Of course it was raining all day when we went but knowing it was probably our only chance, we put on our jackets and picked in the rain. The farm was new to us and was a totally different experience than picking strawberries or apples. They placed ladders next to each cherry tree so you can reach the top. Then they provided buckets for you to use then return (as most places either give you cardboard boxes to keep or ask to bring your own container). We ended up with about 4 pounds of tart cherries, ready to be turned into pie.

Tart cherries, sometimes referred to as sour cherries, taste exactly what their name says – they are sour and not ideal for snacking. However, they are absolutely perfect for pie. When you think of bright red cherry pie filling (like in the cans), they are usually made with tart cherries. Once combined with a little bit of sugar and enclosed in a buttery, flakey pie crust, they turn into the best pie you have ever eaten. And as much as I want to eat a whole pie, it’s probably best that I didn’t. That’s why I scaled down my pie recipe into Cherry Pie For Two so you can still have your cherry pie with some portion control. Eat one now, give the other to a loved one or friend. Or eat one now, eat one later.

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Watermelon Blueberry Sangria

This watermelon sangria with white wine and blueberries (aka Red, White, and Blue Sangria) is very refreshing and very easy to serve a crowd during summer parties. Just mix everything together in a pitcher ahead of time and chill until serving.

Watermelon Blueberry Sangria made with white wine

It’s hard to believe that June is almost over and that 4th of July is this Saturday. Secretly I’m glad June is over. Between my broken air conditioner (now fixed) and repairs on my car taking much longer than usual (leaving me without a car for 12 days instead of the 3-4 days they quoted me), June hasn’t been my favorite month. Time to look forward to July and plan for the holiday weekend. Every 4th of July, I go to a local arts and crafts festival then over to my parent’s house where their neighborhood hosts fireworks. And every year it’s super hot outside and all I want to do is jump in the lake where the festival is hosted to cool down. Except I hate swimming so I’ll just stick with something cold and refreshing. Usually it’s ice cream or ice cold water (without the ice), but 4th of July is about spending time with family, grilling up delicious meats, serving up sides of potato salad and deviled eggs, and relaxing with drinks, usually of the boozy nature.

I’ve been wanting to change up my usual drink routine lately with sangria since I usually just reach for a bottle of beer. If you’re not familiar with sangria, it’s a wine-based drink with fresh fruit. Since 4th of July is coming up rather quickly, I wanted to be clever and do a red, white, and blue theme with this Watermelon Blueberry Sangria – watermelon for the red (ish), white wine for the white, and blueberries for the blue. What I love most about serving sangria is that you mix everything together in a pitcher and chill for 24 hours, meaning you can easily make this drink ahead of time and not stress yourself out for the holiday. After all, holidays are about relaxing, and who really wants to stress out over serving drinks?

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