Ready for Pi Day? Here is a list of 5 pie recipes to celebrate!

5 Pies For Pi Day

Do you know what today is? No, not Hump Day. It’s 3/14 aka Pi Day! For those of you who aren’t math nerds, pi equals 3.14159265359, commonly known as 3.14 for short. And what better way to celebrate Pi Day than with 5 of my favorite pie recipes? Over the years I’ve always said I wasn’t a huge fan of pie, but the past year or two things have changed. Maybe because I finally experienced a GOOD pie and not some run-of-the-mill pie crust. A good, flakey, buttery crust really makes or breaks a pie. You can’t forget about the filling either, whether it’s fruit, chocolate, nuts, or custard. So without further ado, here are 5 must-make recipes to celebrate Pi day.

Cinnamon Pecan Cherry Pie
– Sometimes you just want a good, trusted cherry pie that isn’t too fancy. No exotic flavors or fancy ingredients. Just a straight up fruit pie. Instead of dealing with a double crust, the top layer is made of a pecan streusel (but you can most certainly substitute walnuts or almonds).

Mini Deep Dish Lemon Meringue Pies
– Meringue pies may seem a little daunting to beginner pie makers, which is exactly why I made mini meringue pies. This recipe makes only two pies, making it perfect recipe for date night or give a pie to someone who could use a little sunshine.

Homemade Pie Fillings – You know those canned pie fillings you see in the baking aisle? Now you can easily make your own in a matter of minutes! Choose from apple, cherry, and peach.

One Serving Cherry Pie Ice Cream Sundae
– Don’t have time to make a pie? Or maybe you’re the type who eats filling but leaves the crust. With just a few minutes on the stovetop, you easily enjoy cherry pie a la mode without the crust (and leftovers). This recipe isn’t restricted to cherries either. Substitute apples, pears, and even peaches.

Guinness Shepherd’s Pie For Two
– Not all pies have to be sweet. Here’s my take on an Irish classic of meat and potatoes with the addition of Guinness. The best part is it only serves two people, perfect for smaller households (although I have successfully doubled this recipe to serve four).

5 Bonus Recipes