Breakfast For Dinner Cookbook Review


Breakfast For Dinner Cookbook Review |

Today I have a cookbook review and giveaway, and I’m pretty excited for this one! It is Breakfast For Dinner by Lindsay Landis and her husband Taylor Hackbarth. You see, Lindsay is one of my blogging idols over at Love and Olive Oil with such inspiring recipes and photography. I even got to meet her at Big Summer Potluck. Can I be honest? Normally, I don’t eat breakfast for dinner and would have passed on reviewing this book. But once I heard it was written by Lindsay and Taylor, I knew I couldn’t say no. Their recipes have yet to let me down, and this book is no different. None of the recipes are boring either.

The concept of Breakfast For Dinner is to take your favorite breakfast ingredients and put a breakfast twist on dinner classics, such as Italian-Style Stuffed French Toast, Savory Lentil and Carrot Stuffed Crepes, and Bacon Fried Rice. Of course you can’t forget sides, drinks, and dessert. Although they aren’t truly dinner recipes (wait, I can’t have Lemon Poppyseed Thumbprints for dinner?), they complement dinner.

Breakfast For Dinner Cookbook Review - Shakshuka |

The first recipe I tried was Shakshuka, which as Lindsay and Taylor explain, is a Hebrew dish of tomatoes and eggs. Sounds easy enough. This recipe makes an easy weekday meal. You throw everything in a pan, let cook for 20 minutes, then top with eggs and cook a little bit longer. I am always looking for flavorful yet easy dinners to make after a long day of work, and this Shakshuka definitely makes the list. In fact, I have already made it several times since receiving the book. The only problem I had with the recipe is I didn’t serve all of the eggs right away, so by the time I went back for seconds, the eggs overcooked. Totally my fault.

Breakfast For Dinner Cookbook Review |

The next recipe I tried was Sunny-Side-Up Burgers, which is featured on the cover. It has two of my favorite breakfast items – shredded hashbrowns and eggs with runny yolks. At the time I made them, I didn’t have cheese or lettuce (which is pretty normal for my pantry). Lindsay and Taylor used apricot preserves for the condiment, but for me, the runny yolk was enough “sauce” for my liking. It’s also pretty easy to throw together for a quick weeknight meal (I used frozen shredded potatoes to cut down on even more time). I think next time I cook dinner for my parents and brother, I will make these. The only bad thing about this recipe is you can’t multitask because they are quite messy to eat.

A few other recipes I have on my list to try – Banana Bread Bundt Cake, Cornmeal Pancakes with Beer-Braised Short Ribs (I actually made the short ribs last night sans pancakes – delicious!), Grapefruit Risotto with Seared Scallops, Maple-Glazed Pork Meatballs, and Bacon Jam.

The book itself has photographs for every recipe, and I just love the overall style and feel of the book. I recommend this book to anyone looking for easy yet flavorful dinners. You don’t need to have advanced cooking skills (although some may argue making perfect runny eggs is a skill). I don’t recommend this book to anyone who hates eggs. Seriously, you can’t have breakfast for dinner without eggs.

Giveaway is now closed! Congrats to Terri.

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  1. Michelle Hallman says:

    My favorite breakfast item or ingredient is easy….BACON! BACON! BACON! I am a savory breakfast person….too many sweets in the morning upset my stomach.

  2. Lisa Sankiw says:

    My favorite breakfast or any meal ingredient is BACON!

  3. My favorite breakfast item is potatoes! They’re so versatile!

  4. Only one?? I do love bacon, but if I had to pick just one.. it would have to be the wonderful, versitile perfect food. THE EGG! I could eat them every day and never get tired of them!

  5. Scrambled eggs and chili. Ham and eggs. French toast. Ummmm. Cold cereal in a pinch! tee hee

  6. Cheryl illinois says:

    My favorite breakfast item is what my family calls “Aunt Allyson potatoes” because she always makes them when we visit her. They simply are potatoes with onions and peppers but very delicious

  7. My favorite breakfast is eggs benedict

  8. Jim Kottke says:

    Eggs in any and all forms

  9. My favorite breakfast item is eggs.

  10. I love Eggs Benedict. This looks like an amazing cookbook. Love breakfast foods. :)

  11. My favorite breakfast item is waffles. Which makes them perfect for breakfast for dinner, because you can add just about anything to a waffle, and you can then top the waffle with just about anything.

  12. My favorite breakfast item is Chocolate Chip Pancakes with whipped cream and strawwberries

  13. Eggs and potatoes. Nothing better.

  14. I’m a big fan of breakfast sandwiches.

  15. I like eggs, you can do all kinds of things with eggs. Especially Eggs Benedict with bacon!

  16. Just one? Okay fine eggs! You can eat them alone, or they are awesome topped on everything, from burgers to fried rice, to ramen, to NACHOS!!! :-)

  17. It is so hard to pick just one favorite breakfast food. For me, it’s a dead heat between waffles and sunny side up eggs.

  18. Mmmmm I love my breakfasts to always involve peanut butter….like…always :P

  19. Kim Porter says:

    I like bacon waffles best…good anytime of day!

  20. Bacon and eggs

  21. Personally I love breakfast for dinner! My go to breakfast in the morning is oatmeal. At night, I like eggs and toast!

  22. My favorite breakfast-for-dinner is bliena—-sort of a crepe/blintze wonderful yeasty pancake, made in a skillet, flipped out onto a plate, then you pour a little syrup in the middle, spread it out, and roll up the bliena; eat and enjoy the yeasty goodness! Maple syrup, Karo syrup or even better homemade elderberry syrup! Yum!

  23. oats! in oatmeal, in pancakes, in muffins, anything!

  24. Debbie Bray says:


  25. Eggs are right up there at the top of one of my favorite breakfast ingredients. I’d love this book. Thanks for the oppoturnity.

  26. Cheryl Moulthrop says:

    Pancakes and my husbnd’s homemade corned beef hash from scratch.

  27. The egg. Couldn’t spend the rest of my breakfast-eating life without ever eating another egg.

    Thanks, Carla!

  28. Quiche Lorraine (with caramelized onions, bacon and swiss cheese)

  29. Breakfast for dinner is the best meal! I’ll have to check out the book! Shakshouka is a widely popular dish we eat in Israel for breakfast or brunch (funny though it doesn’t speak Hebrew!) and is awesome for dinner; more on the origins of shakshuka:

  30. Bacon, eggs, and toast is our family’s favorite breakfast for dinner meal.

  31. Katie L. says:

    I sincerely love all things breakfast…like, probably too much in love with pancakes, quiche, French toast, eggs all ways, cinnamon rolls, oatmeal. Now I’m hungry lol

  32. BACON! It goes well in everything you could make for breakfast – omelets, pancakes, waffles, a side, etc.! :)

  33. eggs

  34. Susan Christy says:

    Pecan Waffles. Or Hash Browns.

  35. Breakfast foods were so good but I have to say my favorite its waffles, though and eggs are up there. Now I’m starving just thinking about all this yummy fits

  36. Diana @GourmetDrizzles says:

    Eggs Benedict… yum!

  37. My favorite breakfast food is french toast!

  38. Linda S. says:

    My favorite is pancakes made with wild blueberries.

  39. Brittney says:

    One word….BACON!! My husband and I can’t have “brinner” without it!

  40. What a great looking cookbook! My husband would love the Sunny-Side-Up Burgers! I’m not much of a breakfast person but I could totally get behind some of these for dinner! Right now the only thing I can make myself eat in the am is a banana haha

  41. Breakfast for dinner has been a staple in my house since I was a little girl. My mom used to make us what she called “eggs in a blanket”. My current fav though has been something I make called a “pancake sandwich”. Totally yum. Has everything one loves about Breakfast in it. Pancakes, hash browns, bacon or sausage or country ham , runny egg, maple butter. YUM!!

  42. My favorite breakfast ingredient would have to be eggs. Open the fridge on Sunday morning, discover that you’re out of eggs and forget about making pancakes, waffles, frittatas, crepes or even…eggs! :D

  43. My favorite breakfast item is actually a dead heat tie. I LOVE Any version of Eggs Benedict AND Belgian waffles equally. So whenever we go out to breakfast I almost always order both!!!

  44. Mary Jane Blahnik says:

    I love eggs for breakfast or dinner

  45. Christy Blair says:

    Anything with Maple! Maple syrup, maple bacon, maple sausage…. Yummy!!

  46. huevos rancheros!

  47. I would have to say eggs are my favorite to make so many things!! I just love breakfast, period, any time of the day!!!!!!

  48. probably oats! they are so versatile ;)

  49. Eggs! Especially poached… And hot sauce :-)

  50. Theresa Rothweiler says:


  51. Gina Ledwich says:

    Stuffed crêpes. Usually I stuff them with Nutella and/or cream cheese!!!

  52. Flax seed. I use it in porridge oats, atop yogurt, in waffles and pancakes… endless possibilities for an easy nutrition boost!

  53. My favorite breakfast food is a breakfast sandwich – egg, cheese and sausage on any variety of muffin, bagel, croissant, etc.

  54. my favorite ingredent is bacon.

  55. My favorite breakfast food would be biscuits & gravy & my favorite breakfast ingredient would be eggs! I love adding them in and on so many things! This cookbook looks wonderful!

  56. Edited to add that eggs are my favorite BFD item…so versatile! I make a lot of frittatas.

  57. Pancakes! We have breakfast for dinner a few times a month and the kids think it’s a hoot!

  58. Dawn Dow says:

    My favorite breakfast ingredient is eggs! I love to do all kinds of things with eggs! They are so versatile and tasty! Thanks for the giveaway, I hope I win! It sounds like a great book!

  59. Maureen Longland says:

    Quiche-as I love switching it up with different cheeses and veggies. Quick and delicious!

  60. Judy Easterday says:

    Eggs with bacon in a maple syrup infused pancake served sandwich style is my favorite breakfast grab and go meal.

  61. eggs!

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