Learn how to make a small batch of homemade no cook egg free Nutella Ice Cream in a blender with 5 ingredients.

Small Batch Homemade Nutella Ice Cream (No Cook, Egg Free)

Labor Day may mark the end of summer, but it doesn’t mark the end of ice cream season. Every season is ice cream season (even winter).

Since my No Cook Egg Free Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream was such a huge hit, I wanted to share another variation I love: Small Batch No Cook Eggless Nutella Ice Cream.

Yes, your favorite easy ice cream recipe can be made with that irresistible chocolate hazelnut spread we have come to know and love.

Want to know how easy it is to make this no cook chocolate ice cream recipe? You throw your ingredients into a blender then freeze.

Can ice cream get any easier? No, it cannot, which is why you need to make this simple Nutella Ice Cream without eggs now.

5 ingredient No Cook Egg Free Nutella Ice Cream

What is Nutella?

Let’s start with the basics – what is Nutella?

Nutella is a chocolate hazelnut spread. Much like you grind peanuts for peanut butter, here you grind hazelnuts and cocoa for Nutella.

I remember my first spoonful of Nutella. I was studying abroad in Ireland when one of my housemates shared her jar with me. Where has this been all my life?!

I originally thought it was strictly a European product, so you can imagine how wide my eyes lit up when I found out how common it is in the US.

It’s such a huge craze that I’ve seen regular jars, small jars, mini to-go packets, jars as big as your head.

It’s used the same way as peanut butter – on sandwiches, with a spoon, in cookies, in frosting, with a spoon. Pretty much you consume Nutella with a spoon, but it’s more fun in ice cream.

For an extra dose of Nutella, serve your chocolate ice cream with Nutella Espresso Hot Fudge Sauce on top.

Nutella Ice Cream with Nutella hot fudge sauce

How to make Nutella ice cream without eggs

Although eggs are a popular ingredient in ice cream, this simple Nutella ice cream recipe doesn’t have any.

Eggs are often used because they help make homemade ice cream rich and creamy. Luckily for us, Nutella achieves that rich and creamy texture you crave without any eggs.

This recipe is so easy to make, it’ll take you longer to gather your ingredients and add them to the blender than to actually blend it.

Of course it’ll take longer to freeze and enjoy, but that’s inactive time spent on the recipe.

How To Freeze Ice Cream Using An Ice Cream Maker

The easiest way to churn ice cream is with an ice cream maker. I own this red 1.5 quart ice cream maker.

Although you can buy smaller models, I like having the option to scale up or down, depending on the occasion. You never know when you might need to make a quart for an ice cream cake or for a party.

Most ice cream models (including the one I use) require you to freeze the canister at least 18-24 hours ahead of time.

This is important because if you churn in a room temperature canister, the ice cream will not be cold enough to freeze. You’ll need to plan accordingly (or store your canister in your freezer indefinitely).

Most machines (including mine) tell you it takes 20 minutes to churn. I find most pint recipes take about 15 minutes since there is less mixture to freeze.

At this point you can eat it at the soft serve stage or you can transfer to a container and freeze until scoopable.

5 ingredient Nutella Ice Cream

How To Freeze Homemade Ice Cream By Hand

One question I get a lot is how do you make ice cream without a machine? For the longest time, I made ice cream by hand; I didn’t have the money (nor the room) for an ice cream maker.

Churning in a machine ensures there are no ice crystals forming while it freezes. Once you understand this reasoning, you’ll realize a machine is a luxury, not a necessity.

Of course if you plan on making lots of ice cream, investing in a machine is your best bet.

But if you’re only making ice cream once or twice a year, you can certainly make it by hand. It’ll require more attention, but it’s worth it!

Start by pouring your already-chilled ice cream base into a baking pan with deep edges.

If you don’t have one (or don’t have room in the freezer), you can use any freeze-proof container, such as a bowl. I find using a wider, shallower container allows the mixture to freeze faster.

You will be whisking the mixture periodically, so make sure the container is deep enough so it won’t splash everywhere.

How To Store Homemade Ice Cream

Storing ice cream is just as important as making it because if you don’t freeze it properly, your ice cream will have ice crystals forming on the outside and possibly even become freeze burnt.

I use these small round freezer-proof plastic containers, which hold exactly 1 pint of ice cream.

You can easily find them (or something similar) in the storage container aisle of your store. Make sure it says freeze-proof as not all containers are created equal.

You can use other containers, such as specialty ice cream containers (which are more expensive than plastic storage containers but also much cuter), a loaf pan tightly wrapped in plastic wrap, or even a glass baking pan with a lid.

What to do with leftover Nutella?

Since you won’t use a whole jar of Nutella for this no cook ice cream recipe, you’ll have a lot leftover. Here are more recipes to use up leftover Nutella:

Nutella Ice Cream (No Cook, Egg Free, Small Batch)

Nutella Ice Cream (No Cook, Egg Free, Small Batch)

Yield: 1 pint
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Freeze Time: 4 hours
Total Time: 4 hours 15 minutes

Learn how to make a small batch of homemade no cook egg free Nutella Ice Cream in a blender with 5 ingredients


  • 1/3 cup chocolate hazelnut spread, such as Nutella
  • 1/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 1/3 cup heavy whipping cream, cold
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt (preferably kosher)


  1. In a blender, blend together Nutella, sugar, heavy cream, vanilla, and salt until smooth. Transfer to a bowl and refrigerate until cold, about 1 hour.
  2. Once the ice cream mixture is cold, freeze it in your ice cream maker according to the manufacturer's instructions. Freeze until firm, about 4 hours or overnight.

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