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It’s no secret that I love ice cream. Want to motivate me? Bribe me with ice cream. Bad day at work? Eat some ice cream. Too hot outside? Ice cream fixes that. Going to meet a friend at night? Pretty sure an ice cream stop is involved. You know what I love more than ice cream itself? Sandwiching ice cream between two cookies. When I had the opportunity to review Jennie Schacht’s book I Scream Sandwich, I knew I would love it. At first I was skeptical – an entire book on ice cream sandwiches? – but as soon as I flipped through the pages (not to mention drool over the gorgeous photography), I knew my heart was won over.

(Hint – keep reading and you may be able to add this book to your collection)

What I love about I Scream Sandwich is Jennie didn’t just slap some homemade ice cream between two cookies and called it a day. Nope. She actually thought about her flavor combinations and which cookies work best – Blueberry Sorbet on Blueberry Muffin Top Cookies, Pina Colada Sorbet on Macadamia Cookies, and Cream Cheese Ice Cream on Carrot Cake Cookies. And in her ingredient list, she doesn’t just say “12 snickerdoodle cookies.” She actually gives you a recipe for snickerdoodle cookies. Of course you can use your own recipe or buy the cookies, but for my style, I make most of what I can from scratch. Instead of searching the internet for a cookie recipe, it’s right there for me to make.

I Scream Sandwich Cookbook Review - Apricot Ice Cream Sandwiches | www.chocolatemoosey.com
Don’t mind the rushed job I did on assembling them.

The recipe I tried first is Early Summer Sunrise (Apricot Ice Cream on Snickerdoodles), simply because I had apricots to use in the fridge. The first bite was very refreshing – the sweet creaminess of the apricot ice cream singing with the soft cinnamon sugar cookies holding it together. I cut the recipe in half and used cornstarch instead of tapioca starch (more on that in a bit). Next on my list to try are Vanilla Ice Cream on Soft Chocolate Cookie Bars (gotta try the classic!), Espresso Caramel Swirl Ice Cream on Espresso Fudge Brownies, and Chocolate Hazelnut Ice Cream on Hazelnut Sandies.

I Scream Sandwich Cookbook Review and Giveaway | www.chocolatemoosey.com

The one thing I didn’t like about this book is how most of the recipes call for tapioca starch (otherwise known as tapioca flour), an ingredient I don’t normally have in my pantry. However, since a lot of the recipes called for it, I decided to add it to my shopping list and try it out. The problem with living in a country town is I couldn’t find it at the store – not by the flour, not by the tapioca pearls, not in the Asian section. I even tried hunting down gluten free flours. Sure I could buy it online or drive 40+ minutes over the mountain to the bigger stores, but honestly, at this point it wasn’t worth buying just to test out a few recipes. Instead, I substituted cornstarch. I will never know if subbing cornstarch made a difference in texture, but the ice cream turned out fine in my opinion.

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