White Loaf – Tuesdays With Dorie


Hard to believe Tuesdays With Dorie is ready to start another book! I was a part of the group when they did Baking: From My Home To Yours. However, after I moved and started a full-time job, I ended up falling behind on participation. Now that TwD is … [Continue reading]

Pennsylvania Dutch Potato Salad


One benefit of living where I do is the Amish. They definitely know how to cook! I very rarely buy prepared foods, but their various creamy salads (potato, macaroni, chicken, even coleslaw) are worth it. Oh and you know those Auntie Ann pretzels you … [Continue reading]

Chocolate Cherry Brownie Cupcakes


This year, I'm making a vow that I will not pity myself on Valentine's Day, that I will love myself and not cry over the fact I'm alone in everything I do. Maybe I'll even get some virtual kitty kisses (or I will play my video of Murray meowing … [Continue reading]

Portabella Mushroom Pot Pie for #SundaySupper


Yesterday, Isabel of Family Foodie invited me to join Sunday Supper on Twitter. Sunday Supper is the idea of getting together with the ones you love for dinner. No requirements or rules; whether it's a meal that took all day to make or spaghetti you … [Continue reading]

Corn Dog Muffins


Any blogger who has been baking for at least a year will tell you how embarrassing some of the first pictures were. Guess we have to all start somewhere, no? When I was going through my archive, I found some great recipes I completely forgot about, … [Continue reading]

Review: Baking Basics and Beyond


Today I have a book review for you, called Baking Basics and Beyond by Pat Sinclair. According to the press release, this book is said to be "the ultimate baking guide for beginners and everyone looking to improve their baking skills." Of course I'm … [Continue reading]