Tuesdays With Dorie: Chocolate Oatmeal Almost-Candy Bars

Phew I think my book was getting dusty after not being touched for a few months. I seriously was going to do last week's, but then I realized it was Wed. and I missed it haha So now I'm back with Dorie's Chocolate Oatmeal Almost-Candy Bars. I made … [Continue reading]

Chocolate Surprise Cupcakes

Tada! I'm alive! Target stole my soul for the holiday season, but now that my hours are cut (and really no clue how I'm going to pay the bills), I have some more time in the kitchen. Slowly my cooking spirit is coming back, but eh we'll see. Hope … [Continue reading]

Chicken Sausage Pasta

A few weekends ago when I was waiting to see Geoff from Ace of Cakes, I looked over into the meat case that was nearby. I saw a variety of chicken sausages. It was in the back of mind during the whole show, so I decided to give in and buy chicken … [Continue reading]

And The Winner Is…

This post no longer exists. … [Continue reading]

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cheesecake

Hope everyone is having a nice Thanksgiving. I made this cheesecake last week since my dad insisted on making pies for Thanksgiving dinner. In case you haven't heard, Libby's is having a pumpkin shortage. Once all the cans are gone on the shelves, … [Continue reading]

Kraft Basket Giveaway

Kristin from Kraft Foods has recently contacted me about ways they are reaching out to home cooks online. There are times in every foodie's life where you have a question, whether it's about a technique, ingredient, or recipe in general. What better … [Continue reading]