Greek Chicken Salad With Cucumber Dressing

Greek Chicken Salad with Cucumber Dressing

I found this recipe for Greek Chicken Salad with Cucumber Dressing from my local grocery store's free magazine. It seemed like something I could easily make for one person. I must admit I did go out and buy skewers because of this, but I figured I … [Continue reading]

Black Raspberry Cupcakes

Anybody watch Cupcake Wars? I'm sitting here watching the Good Cause episode where it benefits a children's foundation. After several episodes, the show can get kinda boring - focus on flavor, focus on decorating, focus on display. What doesn't get … [Continue reading]

Brief Summary Of New Place

A lazy Sunday afternoon, complete with rain. I love rain (minus driving in it). If I'm not caught off-guard, I love walking in it. Figured I would take this time to update and attempt to get back into the foodie world. I moved alone - no family, no … [Continue reading]

Black Raspberry Ribbon Cheesecake

I have so much to do and people to see, yet I'm running out of time. I'm moving July 3 and starting work July 12. That means I have to use up all the perishable food my parents won't use. That includes the freshly picked black raspberries from … [Continue reading]

Simple Black Raspberry Sauce

Black raspberry season is here!! I went back to the local farm where I previously picked strawberries and picked a nice amount of gorgeous, juicy raspberries. Because it was so hot out, I wanted ice cream. Not just any ice cream. Vanilla ice cream … [Continue reading]

13 Months Later…

I have an exciting announcement to make!! Yesterday, I put my two weeks in at Target because I accepted a job as a multimedia developer!! Yay I get to put my degree and video skills to use!! As you can imagine, these next few weeks are going to be … [Continue reading]