Irish Cheese and Bacon Popcorn


An addicting savory snack of popcorn tossed with Irish cheese and bacon for a very special baby shower.

Irish Cheese and Bacon Popcorn

My first recipe for 2014, and I’m pretty excited to share this one. Not only is this popcorn strangely addicting, it’s for Ruthy of Omeletta‘s surprise virtual baby shower! Ruthy and I met in 2012 at a conference in Philadelphia. I remember standing in line waiting for food when we started talking to each other, and we’ve kept in touch ever since online. Now Ruthy is pregnant, so a few of us got together to throw a virtual baby shower for her. Congrats Ruthy! Because this shower is happening right after hoards and hoards of Christmas cookies and sweets, I wanted to make something savory. It had to contain Irish cheese because Ruthy spent time in Ireland, which is why I made this Irish Cheese and Bacon Popcorn. Party snack + Ireland = one recipe you don’t want to miss.

Irish Cheese and Bacon Popcorn

I had trouble deciding on what to make, so I browsed Kerrygold’s website. There I spotted the recipe for this popcorn. Easy to make plus popcorn reminds me of my semester in Ireland. Campus housing didn’t have microwaves, so my housemate taught me how to make popcorn on the stove using unpopped kernels and a little bit of oil in a pot. You can find unpopped kernels by the microwave popcorn, but if you are loyal to your microwave, you can use your favorite brand (plain recommended).

Grating Kerrygold Irish Cheese
Weighing Kerrygold Irish Cheese

Because there is fresh cheese in the recipe, I asked Kerrygold if it needed to be refrigerated. They replied that if you go light on the cheese, it does not need to be refrigerated (see tweet here). This popcorn is best eaten the day it’s made. If you want to serve it at a party, have your ingredients measured ahead of time then assemble right before serving.

Irish Cheese and Bacon Popcorn

Yields 6-8

Irish Cheese and Bacon Popcorn

This popcorn is best eaten the day it is made, so if you are making this for a party, grate the cheese ahead of time then toss together at the last minute.

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7 cups salted popcorn (roughly 1/3 cup unpopped kernels)
1/4 cup butter, melted
1/4 cup crumbled bacon
1 cup finely grated Irish cheese*


  1. In a large bowl, toss together the popcorn, butter, bacon, and cheese. Popcorn is best eaten the day it's made.


*I used Kerrygold's Blarney Castle cheese, which is described as a smooth and mild gouda style cheese. You can use your favorite type of Irish cheese.

Source: Adapted from Kerrygold
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  1. The amazing relationships that you forge while blogging make me all teary and emotional . . . either that or it is my own pregnancy hormones :) This popcorn looks AMAZING. It is headed to the top of my must make list. Like I might need to make a whole date night plan just to accommodate the making of this popcorn. Pinning!

    • Some of my best friends, who I now even talk to on the phone, come from blogging. And I can totally get behind date night as an excuse to make this popcorn.

  2. All this, and Kerrygold too! You sure do know the way to a girl’s pregnant heart :) You are too sweet, Carla, thank you so, so much! x

  3. I already have some serious Cheese LOVE going on for Kerrygold, but you just pushed it over the top. I don’t think there would be any worries about getting this eaten on the same day its made. The bigger problem would be what everyone else would be eating!

  4. My mouth is watering over this popcorn– amazing!!!! Can’t wait to make this myself :)

  5. This actually sounds really freaking good!!! And I love Ruthy – she is awesome

  6. Kerrygold is a favorite cheese and I can’t wait to make this because I love the idea of cheesy popcorn without some powdery substance all over my fingers! This will be great on Superbowl Sunday at our house! We always make popcorn in a lidded pot – perfect snack! Thanks!

  7. You combined three of my favorite things (ok 4 if you count Ms. Ruthy) into one post–cheese, bacon and popcorn. I had to stop making it for a while because I got my hands on a sample of truffle salt and sprinkled that and parmesan cheese on it and would go to town. This just means I have to play around with a new variety of popcorn I guess ;)

  8. This is so much better than the popcorn with the fake cheese powder and it has bacon. Bacon!

  9. Ok, you’ve pretty much combined all my favorite things into one amazing snack! I love everything about this popcorn mix. And Kerrygold is my favorite of all cheeses so I’m going to inhale this when I make it. Yum!

  10. I must confess in years past to buying horrible cheese popcorn powder because I ADORE cheesy popcorn. It’s been a long time since I gave that up but time hasn’t lessened my love. This going to be my new favorite, Carla, because not just cheese but also BACON. How smart you were to check the Kerrygold website! Pinning on my Recipes to Try board! Scratch that. I’ve added it to a little board I call Make Immediately.

  11. Anytime cheese and bacon get together, I’m there!

  12. Hello! I love this recipe and gives me the inspiration to use Kerrygold, anytime’s the right time for that! I was wondering where you go the cute red tumbler you photographed your popcorn in?

  13. OH MY WORD! Blarney castle-cheese? How I miss our wonderful but few days in Ireland together now!

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