For 11 years, I was a Girl Scout. I started out as a daisy in kindergarten, quit, then restarted as a brownie in 3rd grade. I don’t remember why I quit, but apparently I changed my mind and wanted to rejoin. Every year, my family would buy several boxes of cookies, mainly Tagalongs and Thin Mints. Even though the names never made sense (Samoas? Do-si-dos?), you could never forget them. According to fellow cookie lovers, the company switched to a different bakery (if you want to call it that). I haven’t had any this past year, but I was told several times there was a difference in the taste, and it wasn’t for the best. Plus it was expensive for the amount of cookies in each box. So why buy something when it is cheaper (and slightly healthier) to make it yourself? A long time ago, Nicole from Baking Bites created several Girl Scout recipes, including samoas, do-si-dos, and tagalongs. Thanks to her, you can enjoy homemade Girl Scout cookies any time of the year!

I decided since I had coconut and caramel I needed to use, I made samoas. I really recommend making the base with butter, not margarine because the taste with margarine wasn’t cutting it. Also, once the chocolate on the bottom hardens, they will peel easily from the parchment paper. To speed up the process, you can place them in the freezer until hardened.


Thank you, Nicole for taking the time and creating the homemade version! For the recipe, please visit Nicole’s blog. If in the future the page disappears, email me because I have it saved in one of my binders.