Man, it’s been awhile since I completed a TwD challenge. My bad. This week’s recipe was the French Yogurt Cake. The recipe originally calls for lemon marmalade. I was going to make the marmalade from scratch, but I decided to make it easier and go with a lemon curd. Lemon curd thickens as it cools, and since I used warm lemon curd, it was more of a sauce. This cake is interesting because instead of butter, it used oil. You have to make sure the oil is fully folded in or it won’t be pretty.

The yogurt definitely made this cake moist. It reminded me of a lemon pound cake, which is not surprising because Dorie said it was a cross between a pound and sponge cake. I wonder if I could change the flavors by using flavored yogurt instead of plain. I don’t see why not.

Thanks to Liliana of My Cookbook Addiction for choosing this wonderful cake! My mom loved it so much, and she usually doesn’t eat much of what I make. You can find the recipe on pages 224-225 in Dorie’s Baking: From My Home To Yours or on Liliana’s blog.