Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating! If you are traveling, have a safe trip. If you are hosting, remember to breathe :) What’s on your menu today? I’m going to share with you what I have planned in you case you need last-minute recipes.

Baker’s Dozen Yeast Rolls – This is my first time doing this particular recipe from Taste of Home. They are dinner rolls with a honey-garlic butter mixture brushed on top. Since I don’t think we will have enough oven room, I may have to do these in the toaster oven. Wish me luck!!

Mashed Sweet Potatoes – There really is no recipe to follow. Just peel and cube several sweet potatoes, boil about 15 minutes, drain, mash along with some butter, milk, salt, and pepper, and reheat if necessary.

Green Bean Casserole – I forgot to bring home the cookbook with my casserole recipe in it, so I had to look for one online. I’m staying away from canned soup and beans (can’t give up the onions though!) and found a good recipe from Brown Eyed Baker. I’m going to do my little spin on it. The topping will be just the onions. For the filling, I’ll be using frozen green beans sour cream instead of heavy cream.

Stove-Top Scalloped Potatoes – This will be the first year doing scalloped potatoes from scratch! Since I will have no oven space, I’m making these potatoes on the stove.

Stuffing – My mom will be making her homemade stuffing. She cooks onions, garlic, and celery in some water in a saute pan. After cooked and drained, she puts them in a bowl with bread cubes. I think she adds butter? Then puts them in a bowl and bakes in the oven.

Turkey Legs – Usually we do cornish hens, but last year we did just turkey legs (and one chicken leg for my mom). My mom and brother aren’t big meat eaters, so instead of having tons of meat leftover, each person gets a leg. Considering all the sides we have to go with it, this is usually enough meat. I will probably just season the legs with salt and pepper and baste in butter throughout cooking.

Pumpkin Pie – Surprisingly, I’m not the one doing dessert. Every year, my dad insists on making the recipe on the back of the pumpkin can. Since he doesn’t listen to me when I say cut the recipe in half, he makes two pies with filling leftover. This year, we put the extra filling in a ramekin since he never knows what to do with the extra. Pies are baked the night before.

Ocean Whitefish and Tuna – Can’t forget the little guy!