Brookside Chocolate Tasting Kit Giveaway from @chocolatemoosey

Can you believe we are almost done with our first month of 2013? Are you stressed yet? Brookside wants you to relax with their ultimate chocolate experience and have a wine and cheese (and chocolate) night. There is no recipe today, but if you keep reading, you may find something even better (hint – starts with give and ends with away).

Brookside Chocolate Tasting Kit Giveaway from @chocolatemoosey

Brookside is a new line of chocolate from Hershey where they pair exotic fruit juice pieces with luscious dark chocolate to create the ultimate chocolate experience. They provide a natural source of flavanol antioxidants (which are said to have numerous health benefits) and are kosher certified. The different flavors are dark chocolate acai with blueberry, dark chocolate pomegranate, and dark chocolate goji with raspberry.

Brookside Chocolate Tasting Kit Giveaway from @chocolatemoosey

I’ll be honest – exotic fruits are not something I gravitate towards. I’ve never had acai or goji and not a fan of pomegranate and blueberry. Raspberry is the only flavor I know I loved…or so I thought. Surprisingly, I found these very addicting, similar to chocolate covered raisins but with exotic flavors. And if a company can make you love something you thought you hated (even the blueberry), then they must be doing something right (chocolate doesn’t hurt either).

Brookside Chocolate Tasting Kit Giveaway from @chocolatemoosey

Brookside chocolate pairs well with red wine. The wine I drank was a blackberry pinot nori that my coworker made. It is a sweet red wine with no touch of dryness, which made it smooth to drink. I know very little about wine pairing, but I enjoyed sweet with the sweet (plus it was blackberry, which pairs well with other fruits). The cheese is Dubliner cheese from Kerrygold, which has a bit of dryness and balanced out the sweetness from the wine and chocolate. I also had some black sesame rice crackers and raspberries sitting around to munch on.

Why am I telling you all this? Brookside wants you to relax with their chocolate and is offering one chocolate tasting kit to one of my readers. This kit is perfect to celebrate Valentine’s Day because the kit is geared towards a wine and cheese night (and if you have no date like me, um hello wine and cheese and chocolate!). I’m excited for this giveaway because the kit includes:

· 1 pkg. Brookside® Dark Chocolate Pomegranate

· 1 pkg. Brookside® Dark Chocolate Açai with Blueberry

· 1 pkg. Brookside® Dark Chocolate Goji with Raspberry

· 3 serving bowls with a central loop handle (each bowl is an 8 oz. well)

· Stainless Steel Server

· Cheese Grip Board

· 2 Stemless Wine Glasses

· American Express Gift Card ($30) to buy tasting kit supplies (cheese and wine, for example)

· Subscription for Fitness Magazine

· Gaiam® Exercise Headband


The giveaway is now closed. Jessica was the winner.