Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese

Gooey, messy, cheesy. Celebrate Grilled Cheese Month with Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese made with two types of cheeses. This post is sponsored by Sara Lee® Artesano™ Bread. Did you know April is National Grilled Cheese Month? There’s even a dedicated grilled cheese day on April 12. I have no idea who came up with these […]

Buffalo Ranch Caramel Popcorn

This small batch Buffalo Ranch Caramel Popcorn is sweet, salty, spicy, and crunchy all rolled into one bite. Serve this spicy caramel popcorn for Game Day or for movie night. Everyone knows me as a sweets kind of girl, but honestly my weakness is snacks. Chips, nachos, popcorn, cheese puffs, crackers, beef jerky, even some […]

Buffalo Chicken Hummus Taco Cups

What happens when you combine your love of buffalo chicken, tacos, and football food into one recipe? You get these Buffalo Chicken Hummus Taco Cups, which will be an instant hit for Game Day. Man the football playoffs have been intense, mainly because the Steelers played last night. Since I write my posts a few […]

Buffalo Chicken Chili

Flavorful chili ready to eat in an hour? Why yes, it is possible with this Buffalo Chicken Chili recipe! Ground chicken, black beans, and hot sauce come together in this hearty one pot meal. Here we are, seven days into 2016. Did you make any New Year resolutions? Or rather, did you break any of […]

Thin Crust Buffalo Chicken Pizza (No Yeast Pizza Dough)

No time to make traditional pizza dough? Learn how to make homemade pizza dough without yeast then turn it into thin crust Buffalo Chicken Pizza. What’s that one item you stock in your kitchen that you are almost too embarrassed to share? I’ve talked about it before, but mine is frozen pizza. It’s somewhat embarrassing […]