Gingerbread S’mores Cookie Bars

Gingerbread S'mores Cookie Bars for Christmas baking season

Don’t have the time (or energy) to cut out and decorate gingerbread men? These Gingerbread S’mores Cookie Bars are quick to make and will put you in the Christmas spirit in no time. Halfway through November, and I think my body is confused. On one hand, my brain has been wanting peppermint mochas, Christmas trees, […]

German Chocolate Pecan Pie

German Chocolate Pecan Pie with coconut, pecans, and chocolate

German Chocolate Pecan Pie pairs together two classic desserts with its chocolate, coconut, and pecan filling baked in a chocolate pie dough crust made all from scratch. Last week was a roller coaster week of emotions. It started out hopeful as a golden opportunity for something I’ve been wanting appeared in my inbox. Here was […]

Fudge Filled Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups

Fudge Filled Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups to snack with your glass of milk

Sinful little Fudge Filled Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups made from scratch are just what you need for any occasion. Whether you need several dozen for Christmas or just need a snack with your milk, these mini cookies will make everyone happy. It’s Day Two of Cookie Week! Yesterday I made Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Sandwich […]

Rocky Road Cookie Fudge Bars + Cookbook Giveaway

Rocky Road Cookie Fudge Bars

Rocky Road Cookie Fudge Bars are decadent, rich cookie bars topped with chocolate-covered marshmallows and walnuts (plus a cookbook review of Dessert Mash-Ups). It’s no surprise that I love to combine two recipes into one – Strawberry Shortcake Cheesecake, Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownie Bites, Carrot Cake Cinnamon Rolls. I have nothing against the original recipes […]

Chocolate Almond Joy Bread

Chocolate Almond Joy Bread

Chocolate Almond Joy Bread is a chocolate quick bread with almonds and coconut, named after a famous candy bar. Quick breads and I go way back to middle school, if not before that. I learned how to bake mainly from my home economics class in 8th grade (do schools even offer home economics anymore? I’ve […]