Chocolate Caramel Twix Rice Crispy Treats

Chocolate Caramel Twix Rice Crispy Treats |

Cocoa rice crispy cereal and caramel sauce mix together with Twix candy bars to form easy rice crispy treats. Sometimes you’re just too tired to make cookies, so I often opt for rice crispy treats because they are so easy to make when you’re half asleep and need a treat at the last minute. Melt […]

Reese’s Pieces Chocolate Peanut Butter Blondies

Reese's Pieces Chocolate Peanut Butter Blondies |

Ever make a recipe that seems so simple, yet everyone raves about them and wants the recipe? That’s the perfect way to describe these Reese’s Pieces Chocolate Peanut Butter Blondies – a layer of peanut butter bars topped with a thin layer of chocolate and Reese’s Pieces. They are so easy to throw together, you […]

Peppermint Patty Ice Cream

Peppermint Patty Ice Cream |

I’ve been dying to make Peppermint Patty Ice Cream ever since I bought a bag of peppermint patties from the Christmas clearance section, but just like a lot of my recipes, it got pushed to the back burner in exchange for seasonal and deadline-driven posts. Now I know it is spring but with warmer weather […]

Stuffed Mallo Cup Bars

Stuffed Mallow Cup Bars |

I don’t understand how some candy isn’t more popular. Take the Mallo Cup for example. They are just like a peanut butter cup but with marshmallow cream. Um hello? Marshmallows! And chocolate! Can you imagine the smores you could make using these? Unfortunately, the candy industry is a tough business, which is why most of […]

Kit Kat Cheesecake Brownies #SundaySupper

Kit Kat Cheesecake Brownies from

What’s fudgy, layered, and cheesecake all over? Would you like to take a break? A break of these Kit Kat Cheesecake Brownies, that is. Here’s a real sinful treat, enjoyed by both kids and adults alike. There is chocolate. There is candy. And most importantly, there is cheesecake. Put them altogether in one treat and […]