Chocolate Caramel Twix Rice Crispy Treats

Cocoa rice crispy cereal and caramel sauce mix together with Twix candy bars to form easy rice crispy treats. Sometimes you’re just too tired to make cookies, so I often opt for rice crispy treats because they are so easy to make when you’re half asleep and need a treat at the last minute. Melt […]

Peppermint Patty Ice Cream

I’ve been dying to make Peppermint Patty Ice Cream ever since I bought a bag of peppermint patties from the Christmas clearance section, but just like a lot of my recipes, it got pushed to the back burner in exchange for seasonal and deadline-driven posts. Now I know it is spring but with warmer weather […]

Stuffed Mallo Cup Bars

I don’t understand how some candy isn’t more popular. Take the Mallo Cup for example. They are just like a peanut butter cup but with marshmallow cream. Um hello? Marshmallows! And chocolate! Can you imagine the smores you could make using these? Unfortunately, the candy industry is a tough business, which is why most of […]

Chocolate Cherry M&M Thumbprint Cookies

Special thank you and shout out to Robin of Grits Design for the design update! It wouldn’t be a holiday until I create a recipe with seasonal candy, like these Chocolate Cherry M&M Thumbprint Cookies. As much as I love M&M cookies, I was getting tired of the typical recipes where you simply stir M&Ms […]

Candy-Stuffed Rice Crispy Treat Pumpkins

Happy Halloween! Make these fun Candy-Stuffed Rice Crispy Treat Pumpkins and use your favorite candy as the surprise in the middle. Happy Halloween! Ok not quite, but today #SundaySupper is celebrating with tricks and treats. I am not a spooks person. I don’t like goriness. I don’t like the fright of a masked man chasing […]