Homemade Cranberry Sauce (Small Batch)

Whether you’re making Thanksgiving for two or don’t want a ton of leftovers, this small batch Homemade Cranberry Sauce made with fresh orange juice and zest will brighten your dinner table. Two weeks until Thanksgiving! Do you serve cranberries with your turkey or Cornish hen? I’m not talking about the can-shaped jelly nobody wants to […]

Quick Pickled Jalapenos and Taco Hummus Bar

5 ingredient Quick Pickled Jalapenos are an easy way to pack some spice into your recipes. Eat them straight from the jar, add them to nachos, or set up a taco hummus bar for snacking. Every time I go to a sports game, whether it’s hockey or baseball, I almost always end up with (expensive) […]

Pickled Red Onions and Hummus Bar

Made with only 5 ingredients, Pickled Red Onions are an easy way to pack extra flavor into your meals. Eat them straight from the jar, add them to tacos, or set up a hummus bar for snacking. Have you ever been so hungry before dinner time, you had to eat a snack before you could […]

Nacho Cheese Dip and Sauce

This Nacho Cheese Dip and Sauce with jalapeno pepper is two recipes in one and is made with a secret ingredient that helps it stay silky smooth, even after it cools. I’m pretty sure I overstated this on my blog, but I love to snack – popcorn, potato chips, pita chips, pretzels, nachos. If I […]

Grilled Cheese Roll Ups With Tomato Soup Dipping Sauce

No more boring grilled cheese! Grilled Cheese Roll Ups with Tomato Soup Dipping Sauce takes the classic pairing and makes dinner fun. It’s also a great excuse to play with your food. It’s hard to believe it’s been two months since I quit my job and a little over one month since I moved back […]