10 Food Blogs You Must Read in 2013


10 Food Blogs You Must Read in 2013

Food blogging is more than just sharing recipes; it’s about community. Sharing each other’s accomplishments as well as your own. With millions of food blogs out there, just how do you find time to read them all? This past year, I was grateful to build strong friendships with other bloggers. Today, I wanted to share them with you. Not only are they great ladies, they also have awesome recipes to share.

I must admit, choosing only 10 was hard. I hate making lists because I don’t want anybody to feel excluded. However, I put my feelings aside because I wanted to highlight my friends. Please, if you didn’t make the list, it is nothing personal. Also, these are in no particular order:

Chick Fil Hate-Free Chicken Sandwiches from Juanita’s Cocina

1. Juanita’s Cocina – If there is one thing about Jen I love, it’s that she can tell stories. Scorpions in her bed. Rat poop in her purse. Reindeer poop. She’s probably the only food blog who can talk about poop then provide a recipe. With these funny stories is an awesome recipe, usually a good love-from-the-heart meal.

These are some of the Christmas cookies Kelly Bakes sent me for Christmas (her picture, not mine)

2. Kelly Bakes – I actually roomed with Kelly at The Big Summer Potluck then a few months later hung out with her at TechMunch Philly, so I can officially say I know her in person. Her personality is bright and witty, which always brightens my day and is reflected in her blog with her awesome storytelling skills. She even has an attention-needy cat, so she totally gets me.

Double Chocolate Brownie Cookies with Marshmallow Creme Frosting from Jen’s Favorite Cookies

3. Jen’s Favorite Cookies – I can’t even remember how Jen and I met, but now we talk all the time. Cookies are her specialty (hence her name), but don’t let that fool you – she’s baking up all kinds of desserts too. And I swear every time I visit her posts, she keeps getting better.

Smores Cheesecake from Tales of an Overtime Cook

4. Tales of an Overtime Cook – Miriam and I started chatting after she found me through a guest post I did on another blog. She is very knowledgeable and funny, not to mention we turn to each other for photography advice. Also, most of her recipes are unique creations, like putting graham cracker crumbs into cookies (that aren’t smores related) or purple potato latkes. Also, I’m pretty sure she never, ever sleeps. Need baking advice at midnight? Ask Miriam – she’s usually awake ;)

Chocolate-Dipped Biscoff Pillow Cookies from The Messy Baker (I actually got to try these cookies from Jennie herself – go make them now!)

5. The Messy Baker – If you need inspiration, Jennie is your girl. We both share our love of baking and photography (and making messes). Jennie is very easy to talk to, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in a sour mood (publicly, at least). The only problem I have with her is she is a Baltimore Ravens fan.

Lemon Pie Tartlets from Magnolia Days

6. Magnolia Days – Renee is one of the sweetest bloggers I know (personality wise, although she also has a wide variety of desserts as well). She sent me a little gift in the mail because it reminded her of me. That’s how thoughtful she is. Renee blogs about food in general, so you can find a wide variety of recipes from dinners and sides to snacks and desserts.

Intense Chocolate Tart from Fork Vs. Spoon

7. Fork Vs. Spoon – I don’t think Mallory gets enough attention with her blog. I met Mallory during The Big Summer Potluck and we quickly realized we had a lot in common. We both are single and act older than our age, which people often make comments to us about our lifestyle (or at least my coworkers hassle me about it). We also share a huge love for desserts, especially when the word intense is in the title.

Pecan Pie Biscotti from What Smells So Good?

8. What Smells So Good? – Sarah and I have been Twitter friends for quite awhile, and I think she is another blogger who doesn’t get as much recognition as she deserves. I’m not sure how I ended up following her on Twitter, but one day she asked for recipe testers, and I volunteered. Sarah is a holistic and allopathic nutritional consultant who has brilliant recipe ideas. When my friend asked for low fat cookie recipes, I asked Sarah for help. She gave me at least five recipes that even I, Miss Butter and Cream, would make.

Peanut Butter Cup Bark from Chocolate, Chocolate, and More

9. Chocolate, Chocolate, and More – Ok, how can you not follow a blog with a name like that? Joan is always thinking of decadent desserts and snacks. I swear I end up bookmarking everything, especially since she tends to pair chocolate and peanut butter a lot. Joan also embraces the idea of community shares posts from other bloggers on her Facebook page, so if you are looking for inspiration, whether it is from Joan herself or a post she shares, I’m pretty sure you can’t run out of ideas with her.

The Difference Between Caramel And Butterscotch from Pastry Chef Online

10. Pastry Chef Online – If you have any interest in baking, you must go meet Jenni now. She is a trained pastry chef who goes above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable in the kitchen. Jenni really helped me out when my strawberry tiramisu was a disaster. She encouraged me to keep going and make my own lady fingers. And although I burned them (totally my fault), her recipe worked. Then she taught me the difference between caramel and butterscotch, which meant that I liked butterscotch this entire time. Jenni is very approachable, so you can ask her anything via her blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

It was tough, but these are 10 blogs I read often and highly recommend you do the same. For more blog reading, check out my good reads page.

Disclaimer: I have permission from these bloggers to post their photos for the sake of this round-up.

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  1. I have been following some of the spaces you mentioned here but thanks a ton Carla for introducing me to many more wonderful bloggers.

  2. Thank you Carla SO much for including me in this list. I am very honored! Your kind words have kicked off my day, or actually year, in the best possible way. xoxo

  3. Hey there! I’m so glad that you posted your round up, Carla! And wowie, I really wasn’t expecting to be on the list! What a nice surprise, and I’m thrilled that you included me, so thank you so very much!

    Also, I don’t “know” all of these blogs, so stopping in and visiting these girls will give me something to do to keep me out of trouble today. Hooray!

    I had to edit the linky a little, so you may have to go and Reattach yourself. It would also be great if you could spread the word that this is happening so that other folks might be inspired to do the same!

    Thanks, and thank you again for putting me on your list! I hope you have a great day. :)

  4. Great list Carla! I’m just getting to know my way around the food bloggers circle!

  5. Carla, this is the sweetest post. I’m beyond honored to have made your list. Thanks for being such a wonderful friend and amazing blogger. You inspire me!

  6. Carla, I am so humbled to be on this list. I know many of the blogs you mention and every word you say is true. Well I can’t really say that, A Ravens fan, really? Go Falcons! But as for their blogs, true, true, true! Off to go meet a few new friends.

  7. This is such a fun list, thanks for including me! I know some of these blogs, and others are new to me. I can’t wait to check them out!

  8. This is the best one-year birthday present ever. I’m just letting you know.

  9. Fabulous list! Those are some of my favorite bloggers too.

  10. Great picks, Carla! I love this list, even though I’m not on it. ;)
    But seriously, I can just imagine how hard it is to pick just 10 blogs when there are so many amazing and talented bloggers out there. I see a few of my favourites already in your list, along with some new-to-me blogs that I must add to my reader… looking forward to discovering what they’re cooking up!

  11. Great post – Got a few new ones to go check out :-)

  12. Ahhh I could never narrow it down to 10!! These are all super great and there’s a few new blogs for me to check out now!

  13. Carla,
    I follow some of those same blogs too.

  14. I know some of these blogs, too!

  15. Glad to see my 2 good foodie friends @KellyBakes and @PastryChfOnline are on this list! Thanks for the round-up, Carla! All the best for 2013 !

  16. Great list- gotta check out some of these that I’m not familiar with!

    Thanks so much for including me. You’re very kind. :)

  17. Awesome! I follow many already but I will be checking out the rest

  18. So honoured! Thanks Carla, great list!

  19. Some I knew already, but some I didn’t. Thanks for the suggestions! What a great way to start 2013. :D

  20. Awesome! This is very helpful and I am excited to meet new friends.

  21. See several I already follow, and a few new ones I need to visit! Feel free to stop by 30AEATS.com and say hello anytime! :) Happy New Year!

  22. Thanks for the head’s up about these blogs. Of course, now I’m hungry.

  23. I love your list! I have a few new bloggers to check out!

  24. These are all such great blogs! Many I’ve looked up to these past couple of months too.

  25. There are always great new blogs to find in lists like these. Wonderful 10 Carla!

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