Chocolate Chip Cut-Out Cookies (old post)

Update – I reposted this recipe with better pictures.

Halloween is closing in, so I wanted to use my cookie cutters a few times before the holiday is over. I saw a recipe in one of my books awhile ago for chocolate chip cut-out cookies. Who says it always has to be plain sugar cookies? The only bad thing about this recipe is it uses two sticks of margarine, which gives it almost a shortbread undertone. Really don’t know how else to describe it.

Look at my new toy! It’s a three-layer storage container that snaps together that I’m using for my cookie cutter collection. Top layer is everyday, middle is Halloween, and bottom is Christmas. Because the layers snap apart, I can take only what I need to a friend’s house, which I did last night. Guess this is one of the benefits of working at Target. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have gotten the idea.

The frosting was amazing too. Actually, I don’t remember where I got the frosting recipe. I found a bunch on Recipe Zaar, which also somehow led me to someone’s blog. I have three different recipes written down, so I don’t remember. Not only does it stay white, it hardens after a bit so you can stack the cookies. Definitely a keeper since I haven’t had such good luck before.

For the recipe, please check out my updated post.

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