Perfection Pound Cake


I made this pound cake a few days before I came back to school because I had some butter I needed to use. Of course, I turned to my favorite book – Baking: From My Home To Yours. Dorie offers great tips on making pound cake before you start. Make sure that if you don’t use a stand mixer, you have great arm strength because you end up beating the batter for about 10 minutes total. Also, it takes about 75-90 minutes to bake, depending on your pan size. You will probably need to add the foil tent after the first 45 minutes.

As far as taste goes, I don’t really know what pound cake tastes like because usually when I have it, it has toppings that mask the base. I was expecting a little lighter texture, almost like angel food cake, but then again pound cake has a lot of butter and eggs in it haha

What better way to serve pound cake than with strawberries and whipped topping? Actually, you can use pound cake as the base for Baked Alaska. If I were home longer, that’s what I would have done. Guess that means I have to make another pound cake later haha

Perfection Pound Cake

This cake can be found on page 222 with pointers on page 220 of Dorie’s book Baking: From My Home To Yours. If you don’t own this book, consider searching on Ebay or Amazon for a copy.

EDIT – Happy 200th post to me! If I weren’t so poor, I’d have some kind of giveaway.

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  1. Looks like you did a great job. I've never attempted a pound cake. They are too easy to buy at the store–and well, the butter–it goes right to me gut! ;)

  2. pinkstripes says:

    Yum! I loved this pound cake when I made it.

  3. It looks so pretty!! And delicious!

  4. Alwayzbakin says:

    Looks yummy, Carla. I haven't tried that recipe yet.

  5. 10 minutes!! Carla, that would have freaked me out.. I think whipping for 10 seconds is long sometimes. I actually have to count to make sure I don't undermix my cakes.. haha.. but I am getting better!

  6. Although.. I could use some arm strengthening. It's so gross how untoned I am. But, what's a person who absolutely hates exercise going to do?

  7. Happy 200th post to you Carla. It looks like you celebrated with a new look. I like it! Thanks again for mine. As for the pound cake, it looks scrumpdillalicious! Its been warm here so the strawberrys are perfect. Fresh, summery, and light!

  8. Dorie recipes are always a good one to choose.
    I've wanted to make baked alaska for a long time now and have never gotten around to it. Maybe I'll make this cake to get myself started.

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